Friday 10 April 2020

Wine Night 20200410 Spotify and text playlists

Spotify (incomplete)

Los Salvajes - Al Capone
EOB - Olympik
Panjabi MC & Labh Janjua - Mundian To Bach Ke
The Natural Four - Stepping On Up
Bessie Turner - Donkey
Coeur Magique - Scène De Ménage
Luther Vandross - Never Too Much
Yellow6 - She Is All: All Is She
Misty Dixon - Coco
The David - So Much More
Clannad - Rince Philib a’Cheoil 
Masayoshi Takanaka - Rising Arch
Madonna - Another Suitcase In Another Hall
Ersen Ve Dadaşlar - Gazan Mübarek Olsun
Tony Allen & Hugh Masekela - Never (Lagos Never Gonna Be The Same)
Kuni Kawachi - 不思議な夢の物語 [Fushigi Na Yume No Monogatari]
Betty Davis - Special People
Pierre Cavalli - Un Soir Chez Norris
Jetta - Livin'
R.E.M.  - Emphysema
Maddy Prior - The World Turned Upside Down
Ichiko Hashimoto - D.M. No. 4
Fountaines D.C. - Liberty Belle
Mogwai - Tracy (Kid Loco's Playing With The Young Team Remix)
Scientist - Round 5
Jorge Ben - Bicho Do Mato
Richard Dawson - Nothing Important

Hannelore Wright - Nightcap

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