Friday 16 February 2024

Wine Night 20240216 Deezer, Spotify and text playlists

Deezer (incomplete)
Spotify (incomplete)

Los Salvajes - Al Capone
Oasis - Champagne Supernova
Angelic Upstarts - Teenage Warning
Acen - Dirty Raver
The Great Society - Sally Go 'Round The Roses
Danny Playamaqui - GOD 82
Toy Dolls - Dig That Groove Baby
Charlie Feathers - Stutterin' Cindy
Fleetwood Mac - I've Got A Good Mind To Give Up Living
Northern Uproar - Goodbye
The Mad Lads - Answer Your Phone
Roy Budd - Hallucinations
Karine Polwart - We Are All Bog Born
Mazhar Ve Fuat - Türkmen Güzeli
Ariel Kalma, Jeremiah Chiu, Marta Sofia Honer - Breathing In Three Orbits
The Weather Prophets - Almost Prayed
Scotch Rolex feat. Lord Spikeheart - Sniper
Gal Costa - Cajuína
Jards Macalé - Meu Amor Me Agarra E Geme E Treme E Chora E Mata
R.E.M. - I Took Your Name
Laibach - So Long, Farewell
Shox - Lying Here
The Gloaming - Casadh an tSugàin
Seafruit - Dirty Washing
Gil Scott-Heron - Home Is Where The Hatred Is 
Dislocation Dance - Vendetta
Rainbow - I Surrender
Henryk Debich - Tak Dobrze Jadło
Eagles - Hotel California
Hannelore Wright - Nightcap

Friday 9 February 2024

Wine Night 20240209 Deezer, Spotify and text playlists

Deezer (incomplete)
Spotify (incomplete)

Los Salvajes - Al Capone
Folque - Harpa
RIAS Tanzorchester - Pru Urebu
Club Des Belugas - Hip Hip Chin Chin
Mazhar Ve Fuat - Sür Efem Atını
Pink Sweat$ - I Feel Good
Singer Blue - If I Know Jah
New Young Pony Club - Ice Cream 
Thousand Yard Stare - Small Change
ML Buch - High Speed Calm Air Tonight
Jean-Claude Vannier - Depuis Que Tu M'aimes Je M'aime
Francois Ribac & Eva Schwabe - Greencore
Moggi - Gadget
The Sound Of Feeling - Along Came Sam
Axel Bauer - Cargo (Remix)
William Onyeabor - Something You Will Never Forget
Quando Quango - Rebel
Catatonia - Gwe
Telefís - Stampede
Arabesque - Lucifer's Lover
Michael Karoli & Polly Eltes - Home Truths
John Howard - Don't Shine Your Light
The Kirkbys - It's A Crime
Marie Celeste - Prisoner
Ernesto Nicelli - Russet
Nun Attax - The Woodcutter Song
Desmond Dekker - Nincompoop
Þursaflokkurinn - Anarkí
Jorge Ben - Descobri Que Eu Sou Um Anjo
Hannelore Wright - Nightcap