Friday 6 November 2020

Wine Night 20201106 Spotify and text playlists

 Spotify (incomplete)

Los Salvajes - Al Capone
Beastie Boys - Sabotage
Andy Irvine & Paul Brady - Autumn Gold
Tagmemics  -(Do The) Big Baby
Fadoul - Sid Redad
Eccy + Shing02 - Ultimate High
Richard & Linda Thompson - Dimming Of The Day
The Master's Apprentices - Barefoot When I Saw Her
Madness - The Return Of The Los Palmas Seven
The Beatles - It's All Too Much
Damaru - Laat Water
Aquasky - Orange Dust
Lorcán Mac Mathúna - An Rógaire Dubh
Hamburger Blues-"Gesang"-Verein Von 1970 N.E.V. - Hey Willy
Adam & The Ants - Stand And Deliver
Essendon Airport - What Is This Thing Called 'Funk'?
Air - Playground Love (Vibraphone Version)
Love - Time Is Like A River
The Wilderness Yet - Woman Of The Woods
(Bee Gees - Coalman
Wyclef Jean - Gone Till November
The Chills - Purple Girl
The Be Good Tanyas - Lakes Of Pontchartrain
The Jet Stream - All's Quiet On West 23rd
Los Lobos with Antonio Banderas - Cancion Del Mariachi
The Cure - Three Imaginary Boys
The Pointer Sisters - I'm So Excited
Paul Haig - The Persuaders
Eoghan Ó Ceannabháin - The Deepest Breath
The Human League - Blind Youth
Craig Armstrong ft Elizabeth Fraser  - This Love
Hannelore Wright - Nightcap

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