Friday 22 May 2020

Wine Night 20200522 Spotify and text playlists

Spotify (incomplete)

Los Salvajes - Al Capone
Sex Pistols - Don't Give Me No Lip, Child
Jeronimo - Ice Cream
Super Furry Animals - Ysbeidiau Heulog
Flook - Wrong Foot Forward
Bee Gees - Let There Be Love
Pet Shop Boys - Suburbia
Omega - Trombitás Frédi
Lynn Cornell - Demon Lover
The Byrds - Jamaica Say You Will
The Source ft. Candi Staton - You Got The Love
Caetano Veloso - Muito Romântico
Kris Drever - The Call And The Answer
Reptile Ranch - Waterhole
Violetta Parra - Que Pena Siente Al Alma
Iggy Pop - Nice To Be Dead
808 State - In Yer Face
La Buena Vida - En Bicicleta 1995
Manic Street Preachers - We Are All Bourgeois Now
Junko Yagami - Chameleon
Super Furry Animals - Inaugural Trams
Harry Stoneham - The Liquidator/Elizabethan Reggae
Ianto Poitch - Gwregys
Adam - Tiger Krank Maus Im Tank
Apoptygma Berzerk - Love Never Dies (Part 1)
Taeko Ohnuki - Carnaval
Thee Sacred Souls - Can I Call You Rose
Blueboy - Imipramine
Craig Armstrong ft. Elizabeth Fraser - This Love
Ash - Get Ready
Radiohead - In Limbo

Hannelore Wright - Nightcap

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